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Re: Hotspot



What would you like to know about hotspot?


If it's activating it, it's already activated in your account. You can check them out and see if you have it by login into your selfcare under Dashboard. 


If it's all about how to turn on hotspot on your devices, read below:-


Check this out

for Apple phones
1. Tap Settings.
2. Tap Mobile data.
3. Tap Mobile Data Options.
4. Tap Mobile data network.
5. In Personal hotspot tap APN.
6. Enter webe.
7. Tap Back arrow 3 times.
8. Tap Personal hotspot.
9. Tap Personal hotspot switch to make it enable.
10. Tap Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
11. Now Personal hotspot is enabled.


for Samsung phones
1. Tap Apps.
2. Tap Settings.
3. Tap Mobile hotspot and Tethering.
4. Tap Mobile hotspot.
5. Tap Mobile hotspot switch to make it enable.
6. Tap More.
7. Tap Configure Mobile hotspot.
8. Fill in your preferred Network name
9. Tap Security.
10. Tap Open.
11. Tab Save
12. Now Mobile hotspot is enabled.


for Huawei phones
1. Tap Settings.
2. Tap All tab.
3. Tap More.
4. Tap Tethering & portable hotspot.
5. Tap Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.
6. Tap Portable Wi-Fi hotspot switch to make it enable.
7. Tap Set up Wi-Fi hotspot.
8. Network SSID will be filled by the customer.
9. Tap Security.
10. Tap None.
11. Now Mobile hotspot is enabled.


If you're using a device that isn't listed above, don't worry. You can still enable a Personal Hotspot by clicking on the Knowledge Base link on the menu bar and select your current mobile phone model. There are step-by-step instructions and images that'll get you online and sharing in just a few minutes


for all other phone manufacturer
1. Click on Explore then Knowledge Base and in the content, click on Devices & Network
2. Select your current phone, or if it's not there, click + Add More Device button
3. Under Simulator, on the left side navigation, click on Connectivity Settings
4. Look out for How to do Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings.
5. Simply follow the instruction on the right to complete the settings