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how to contact webe using support form & self manage your case


how to contact webe using support form & self manage your case

I'm sure that many of us have questions to ask webe but have no idea how... As this is a public forum, it is sensitive to share some info like name, contact number etc. so we can only help each other here to answer some general questions...  


If you want to check something related to your account, billing issue, technical problem or anything else not in general, the most effective way is to contact webe directly.




Go to this link --> 

This link is also accessible from the website --> explore --> contact us 



Basically, there are 3 ways to reach webe:

1. Support form

2. Live Chat (available 24/7) 

3. Service centre (if you prefer to face-to-face)


Here, I'm sharing how to create a case using the Support form and manage it yourself (save time and no hassle!)


First, click on the "Support form" then you'll see the below.


Fill up your details required (this is important because webe will need these details to check your account and assist you) 




Followed by selecting the enquiry type and details...then write your story and ask all the questions you want in the "enquiry" box. 




Last but not least, attach picture(s) as supporting details. It's optional but this definitely helps the person who gets your case understand your questions better.  


Be sure to tick "I'm not a robot" and then submit the questions. 


How do I get answers?

Easy! webe's response time for support forms is 24 hours. So you can come back anytime after 24 hours, login and check the case!


self-care --> manage case



You'll see your cases listed down below. You can click "view details" to check the answers given by webe.


cases.pngBy the way, the "submit new case" will lead you to the same support form so you can also create your case here.


You'll find the answers you need in the "remarks" column. 

remark.PNGIt's that simple! Hope this helps!  


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