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Your default SIM card is not locked with any PIN, however if you have set your own PIN code and you have forgotten the PIN number, you can get the Personal Unlocking Key (PUK) from your Self-Care account. Just log-in to your Self-Care account and click on Subscriptions tab.
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We have 3 SIM Card sizes namely Standard, Micro and Nano. Every mobile phone is designed to work with certain size, so it's not possible to simply swap the sizes. But fear not, webe SIM is compatible with all the sizes (Multi-SIM), it is 3-in-1 SIM (Standard, Micro and Nano in single card), just make sure you keep the SIM adaptor for future use.
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By default, all SIM card provided by webe is NOT SIM locked; hence there is no code to enter. If your phone is SIM PIN locked, you need to enter the correct PIN code to use the SIM card. You have 3 attempts before your SIM card is blocked. If you SIM card is blocked, you can login to your Self-Care account browse to Subscriptions page to find your PUK (Personal Unblocking Key). Just enter this number when requested.
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SIM or Subscriber Identity Module is a small circuit board which is placed in your mobile phone in order for us to identify you. This is why you can swap SIMs between multiple phones and your phone number, voice, and data plans are swapped right along with it.
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You can get your SIM Card replaced for FREE by just walking to webe lounge nearest to you. For your convenience we can also arrange for delivery right to your doorstep for a fee of RM 10 per line. Just request for the SIM replacement from our webe consultant in Live Chat.
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